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An Impetus for a New Cooperation

The small planets Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta

The small planets, formerly known as asteroids, enable us to realize their special qualities and let us name them as urgently needed strength. These qualities have not yet been fully appreciated - not even within astrology. If we use the small planets in chart-reading, we can recognize, appreciate and integrate numerous abilities which have been defined as purely female for far too long and therefore been devalued up to now.
The once supposed gap between Mars and Jupiter turned out to be an error two hundred years ago. Since 1801 thousands of small celestial bodies have been discovered there. Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, the biggest of them, were discovered between 1801 und 1807. In terms of time, they form a bridge between Uranus (discovered in 1781) and Neptune (1846).
Moreover, they are a bridge in terms of space, too; they link the inner, personal planets (Sun to Mars) with the social and collective planets (Jupiter to Pluto).
They function as trainers for a new vocabulary, encouraging us to learn a new language within astrology and to accept the split between matter and mind no longer. They support us in bringing heaven and the divine down to earth at long last, to overcome the separation between above and below and to reconcile body and mind.

Ceres symbolizes our ability to nourish ourselves and others in a substantial and metaphoric way. She helps us to learn to let go and to die, just like in the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone. In chart-reading Ceres helps us to realize problems between parent and child and especially between mother and daughter or problems with our own concrete nourishment.

Juno shows us, which kind of committed partnership we long for. Juno wants fair partnerships with equal rights and responsibilities, she wants partners to be team-workers. She also tells us something about our individual way to create fulfilled personal as well as professional partnerships.

Pallas is a symbol for our creative intelligence. She mostly focuses on conflicts between father and daughter. Often enough she hints at the sacrifice of women's own creativity or the lack of respect for it. Pallas symbolizes the difficulties to link head, heart and womb.

Vesta, last but not at all least, can be our anchor in the storms of everyday life. She shows us where and how we can regenerate, she reminds us that in the first place we belong to ourselves and that we are allowed to do so! Vesta symbolizes where we activate our greatest, most energetic and concentrated devotion without becoming workaholics. Vesta shows the place and the way we carefully watch over our inner fire.

Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta are facets of the Great Goddess who is reawakening in our consciousness now. With the small planets as symbols for diversity we deepen our power of discernment in chart-reading. We may strengthen the so-called female signs in astrology, especially the sign of Virgo. Without a wise and decent use of the qualities of Virgo there is no real balance with the sign of Pisces and this is a problem for stepping into the age of Aquarius.
In the course of the coming years the importance of groups, with like-minded and other-minded people, networks and therefore all kinds of relationships with highly different individuals will increase. In chart-reading, the small planets Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta help us to recognize and respect special facets of our nature which should become essential. For example, the »female« activities to lavish care and attention on something and somebody, to create, to accompany, to plant, to nourish, to feed, to give shelter, to support, to encourage and to sustain...
These are the abilities we urgently need if we want to solve our numerous personal, social, ecological and political problems. Everyone is able to change the relationship to oneself in every single moment. The more we learn about ourselves and the deeper we integrate this knowledge into our everyday life, the more loving we may form our relationships with other individuals. We then may develop new role models which give us more freedom for creating fair balance and true harmony.
Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta can be pathbreaking signposts!

Published in WeMoon 2004 »Power«, © Mother Tongue Ink 2003 in cooperation with Labyrinth Verlag Braunschweig (Thanks to Britta Behrens, Berlin/Germany, and Amy Schutzer, Estacada/Oregon/USA, for editing.)

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